Closure Resources

Now is the time to get caught up on missing assignments.

  • Please check Skyward for your missing assignments. Anything marked as missing is still missing.
  • Dig through your backpack and complete anything that doesn't have a stamp on it.
  • If you can't find the paper for a missing assignment, download it from Skyward. A paperclip next to the assignment indicates an attachment.
    • You can print and complete the assignment or you can complete the assignment on your computer by moving it into an editing tool like Paint or screenshot it on your phone and edit it.
  • If you're missing something and there isn't an attachment, please email me and I'll figure something out.
  • If you've completed an online assignment that is currently marked as missing, please email me so I can update your grade.

Here are links I would recommend visiting and assignments I would recommend completing to keep what you've learned fresh in your minds and to continue building your skills so you're ready when we return to school.

Solve problems online!

  • You might find it helpful to complete some of these problems on paper.
  • Scans of the notes we've taken in class are available through the Math Notes webpage if needed.
  • You can always use a calculator! There's a link for a free online scientific calculator on the Period 1 page.

Find the Slope of a Graph (use slope triangles)

  • Remember that proportional relationships always go through the point of origin.

Please follow the instructions for accessing the online textbook. See "Online Textbook" page.

Once in, you can access many things:

- I've assigned the Student eText as an "assignment" so you can easily find it.

    • Make your way to the lesson you'd like to review/work on. Here are visual instructions for getting there.

- Complete the classwork lessons found in the Student eText.

These lessons are very similar to the lessons we've completed in class through PowerPoints and they are set up for students to work through themselves.

- Complete the workbook pages and the homework for each lesson.

I've assigned the electronic versions of the workbook pages and re-assigned the homework so you can practice from home. Don't forget to try another problem if you get one wrong.

Here's what I'd recommend reviewing in the upcoming weeks:

  • L.5-1: Building the Coordinate Plane (p.2 - 3) #5 - 7
    • Workbook Pages Online
    • Homework Online

  • L.5-2: Constant Ratios & Graphing (p.5 - 6) #2, 3, 5 & 7
    • Workbook Pages Online
    • Homework Online

  • L.5-3: How Steep Is the Line? (p.9 - 10) #1 - 5
    • Workbook Pages Online
    • Homework Online

  • L.5-4: Introducing Slope (p.14) #5 - 6
    • Workbook Pages Online
    • Homework Online