Homework & Grading

Grades are typically updated every Monday/Tuesday after school*

(The day depends on whether it is an A or B day.)

*This day can change based on meetings and days when there is a substitute.


Homework is clearly indicated on the whiteboard in the classroom. Students are given daily verbal reminders of their homework.

Homework and classwork assignments can be found by checking students' grades on Family/Student Access. Assignments are typically entered 1 day prior to the due date.

To access the assignments list for your math class once you've logged in to Family/Student Access:

- Click on the letter grade (A - F or P/F) under the S1 or S2 (depending on the current semester) section.

Do not click on MT1, Q1, MT2, Q2, etc. These are not comprehensive. Only the S1 and S2 sections show every single assignment, test and quiz that has ever been entered.

- The assignment due date is entered to the left of the assignment name.

- If an electronic version of the assignment is available, it will be attached. A paperclip symbol next to the assignment description indicates whether an attachment is present.

- Please note that an asterisk * under the "Points Earned" section indicates that the grade for the assignment has not yet been entered. An asterisk does not factor for or against a student's grade.

- Click the attached document below labeled 'Assignments - Visual Instructions' for a visual explanation.


All Math Classes:

Tests (35%) Quizzes (25%) Assignments (30%) Final (10%)

All Learning Strategies Classes:

Grade is based on Total Points System

Warm Up (15 points per day)

Behavior/Effort/Participation (15 points per day)

For more information regarding the specifics of each grading category, please view your student's course syllabus located at the bottom of the "Class Policies" page.

If you have any questions regarding the assignment and assessment scores that are showing up on Family/Student Access, please do not hesitate to contact me.