Closure Resources

Now is the time to get caught up on missing assignments.

  • Please check Skyward for your missing assignments. Anything marked as missing is still missing.
  • Dig through your backpack and complete anything that doesn't have a stamp on it.
  • If you can't find the paper for a missing assignment, download it from Skyward. A paperclip next to the assignment indicates an attachment.
    • You can complete the assignment on your computer by moving it into an editing tool like Paint or screenshot it on your phone and edit it.
  • If you're missing something and there isn't an attachment, please email me and I'll figure something out.

Here are links I would recommend visiting and assignments I would recommend completing to keep what you've learned fresh in your minds so you're ready when we return to school.

Solve Proportions Online! Follow this link or this link.

Please log into your TransMath Voyager Learning account (click here).

  • Username: Your Network Login (the same username you use to log onto a computer at school)
  • Password: Your Student ID number

Send me an email if you don't remember your login or password.

Once in, you can access many things:

- I've enabled all online quizzes and tests from Units 1 - 3.

    • You can take these as many times as you'd like. I'd recommend taking them after going through the tutorials and practicing using the Interactive Text (workbook) and homework.


Math Games!! I'd recommend logging in some practice every day.

This is a great place where you can go to first complete "assignments". Then you can choose to either "learn" or "play" math games against others in the world, your friends who are also logged in or against the computer.

  • You can use your math notes (paper or online through my website) or the "Let's Review" videos to help you through the assignments.
  • You can always use a calculator! There's a link for a free online scientific calculator on the Period 6 page.
  • It might be helpful to solve some of the problems on a piece of paper.

- Check out the tutorials!

There are simple videos you can watch to review concepts we've looked at this year.

- Check out the eBooks!

Both the textbook (the top one that shows up) and Interactive Text (workbook; the bottom book that shows up) can be found here.

You can also find the homework sections and workbook pages for each lesson by visiting the "Online Textbook" page under this class period.

  • You won't be able to type into these documents - practice will need to be done on a separate sheet of paper.

Here are concepts I recommend reviewing during the closure:

  • Unit 1 Lesson 1: Organizing Data Tutorial
    • Workbook Pages 3, 4 (Activity 2)
    • Homework: (p.10) Activity 3

  • Unit 1 Lesson 3: More Statistics Tutorial
    • Workbook Pages 9 (Activity 2), 13 (Activity 2), 21 (Activity 2), 22 (Activity 2), 24
    • Homework: (p.26) Activity 3 & (p.65) Activities 1 & 2

  • Unit 2 Lesson 1: Understanding Variables Tutorial
    • Workbook Page 47 (Activity 2)
    • Homework: (p.124-125) Activities 2 - 3

  • Unit 2 Lesson 2: Patterns With More Than One Variable Tutorial
    • Workbook Page 49 (Activity 2), 50
    • Homework: (p.133) Activity 2

  • Unit 2 Lesson 3: Ratios Tutorial
    • Workbook Pages 48 (Set up ratios for each card. Then convert the ratios (fractions) to decimals to find the cards that are proportionate.)
    • Homework: (p.139-140) Activity 2 - 3